Cryogen’s Non-Gas therapy for Cervical Pre-cancer in Low and Middle Income Countries

CryoPen’s Introduction to Africa: Saving lives in Africa with advanced technology


Dallas, Texas, July 1, 2014:  Dr. Michael Haas, President of CryoPen, Inc. was invited to participate in the Bush Foundation Africa Regional Conference on New Opportunities and Innovations in Cervical Cancer Prevention: HPV Vaccination and Screening and Treatment | June 18-20, 2014, Lusaka, Zambia. This program focused on the efforts to stop one of the biggest killers of women in Africa. Dr. Haas presented the CryoPen and demonstrated how it could revolutionize cervical cancer prevention and treatment. In Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as many other developing countries, treatment of cervical cancer and pre-cancer relies on cryosurgical gasses (i.e. liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide). Unfortunately, many of these countries are unable to obtain what they need for treatment. The CryoPen does not use cryogenic gasses and allows medical personnel to treat cervical abnormalities without the problems of obtaining cryogenic gasses. CryoPen’s Cryosurgical System is the only cryosurgical system not requiring depletable cryogenic gasses, making it a unique solution for the treatment of cervical cancer in low to middle income countries.


Dr. Haas has been Granted the Hospice Medical Director CertifiedTM (HMDC™) Credential

Covington, Louisiana – July 2014  – Michael J. Haas, M.D., HMDC, was recently granted the Hospice Medical Director Certified credential by the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board. Dr. Haas was recognized for their commitment to improving the quality of life by displaying professional competency in the hospice industry.

Hospice practice includes patient care, medication management, performance improvement, engagement in interdisciplinary group (IDG) activities, and much more. Professional certification affirms a knowledge and experience base for hospice practitioners to display commitment to their career, dedication to patient and family care, and the sustainability of the hospice organization and industry. HMDC designation is granted for six years and is renewed through continued validation of knowledge and re-examination.

Dr. Haas started in the Hospice world in 1988 as one of its early pioneers. His initial Family practice certification was in 1987, and became a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians in 2002. He has many patents and the inventor of the revolutionary CryoPen cryosurgical device. CryoPen will be instrumental in saving thousands of lives from cervical cancer in Low to Middle Income Countries.

The Hospice Medical Director Certification Board (HMDCB) is a not-for-profit certifying body established to design, implement, and evaluate a certification program for hospice medical directors and other physicians who provide hospice care for patients. HMDCB is solely responsible for the development, administration and evaluation of the certification program. The mission of HMDCB is to relieve suffering and improve quality of life by promoting the excellence and professional competency of hospice medical directors.

Information about the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board including a directory of certified hospice physicians is available at


Dr Haas traveled to Peru to teach Doctors a Cryosurgical Technique

Dr. Haas traveled to Lime Peru to teach doctors how to use the Cryopen cyrosurgical system. Dr. Haas was one of the inventors of the CryoPen.  The project in Peru is to evaluate the CryoPen  for cervical cancer prevention and treatment. According to WHO, cervical is the leading cause of death in women in developing nations. Cryopen is a unique solution to cervical cancer treatment in developing countries due to their limited resources.