Healthy Tips 4-15-2020


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5.3 Social Groups

In my younger days all my friends and buddies from the neighborhood would come and hang out at my house. Although I was glad at the time, I never understood why. Now, looking back, I can see that my mother created a social, friendly environment for children who wanted to come over and be part of the family. Everyone would partake of deep... READ MORE
Gumby dolls doing Yoga with a prescription for Yoga.

3.9 Yoga

Why Yoga? If your goal is to lose weight, feel great, and be fi t, then one of the best exercise routines I know of is yoga. Why yoga? Isn’t that just a bunch of stretching and easy movements? Well, yoga comes in many different forms, which isn’t surprising considering it has been around for […]... READ MORE

Evaluate your treatment options if your Vitamin D level is test low!

Instruction: 2.21 Vitamin Supplements Vitamins and mineral supplements are a big business in the United States. Yes, it is true we need vitamins and minerals, but I’m generally not a huge fan of taking supplements unless a major medical problem exists. Why not? Well if we lack certain vitamins and minerals, we need to examine […]... READ MORE

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