Evaluate your treatment options if your Vitamin D level is test low!

Instruction: 2.21 Vitamin Supplements
Vitamins and mineral supplements are a big business in the
United States. Yes, it is true we need vitamins and minerals, but I’m generally
not a huge fan of taking supplements unless a major medical problem
exists. Why not? Well if we lack certain vitamins and minerals, we need
to examine why we are not getting them in our food intake rather than
reaching for a bottle. We were created perfectly and this earth is a perfect
Slash and Burn (Food) 49
environment for us to fl ourish, and all the vitamins and minerals we need
should be in our diet. If they aren’t (or we think they aren’t), we have to
look at the problem. If it’s because we don’t eat enough green vegetables,
fruits, or meats, for instance, why don’t we just eat more of those things?
Th at sounds simplistic, but if you were truly lacking a particular vitamin
and you take the “pill form,” then what else are you still lacking by not
eating the real food? You may also be lacking fi ber, proteins, or minerals,
but supplements won’t help with ancillary defi ciencies such as these.
Medical reasons for taking vitamins would include such illnesses as short
bowel syndrome, mal-absorption diseases, or taking diuretics, etc. Th ese
conditions can cause a serious lack of certain vital nutrients, and should be
supplemented. Please always speak to your doctor about supplements you
may need or want to take. What if you’re not lacking a particular vitamin
and take a supplement to be “on the safe side”? What’s the harm? Taking
vitamin supplements could possibly stop your body from absorbing that
particular vitamin and its cohorts from fresh fruits and vegetables. Our
bodies are very smart and know what they need and don’t need from a
particular food. By taking an “artifi cial” supplement, we may mess up our
internal feedback loop with other foods. I believe taking massive amounts
of unnecessary vitamins can at worst lead to diseases such as dementia,
cancer, and connective tissue disease.
If on the other hand you are taking vitamins because you are just
worried that you’re not getting enough of a particular vitamin or mineral,
why are you worried? Is it because you are eating lots of fast foods and
junk foods? If so, don’t try and fi x it with vitamins. All that is going to
do is fi x the mental and emotional guilt you have by eating those nasty
foods, and you will do yourself wrong. So my bottom line on vitamin and
mineral supplements is that if your doctor tells you that you need it, take
it. Otherwise, it is a marketing ploy to part you from your money.

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